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Classic Program

CLASSIC SOCCER (U11 through U18, Boys and Girls)

Classic soccer is the highest level of league play in North Carolina and players wishing to play at the most competitive level possible play Classic Soccer.   Classic soccer in North Carolina is broken up into four levels, depending on the age group: Region III Premier League (U14-U18), NCYSA Premier League (U14-U18), 1st Division and 2nd Division (U11-U18). Teams are promoted and relegated into the varying levels.

Tryouts are conducted in May / June and teams are formed. Training is held three times per week and locations are determined by the geographical make-up of each particular team. Games are typically on Saturdays but it is not uncommon for classic teams to have limited weekday and/or Sunday games. A team’s level of play will determine their travel schedule. Region III Premier League consists of teams from NC, SC, GA, and FL. The Premier league is a state-wide league, which means you could possibly travel up to 250 miles one way to play a game. 1st Division and 2nd Division is broken up into regions, where travel is limited to closer distances. In addition to league games, classic teams will compete in tournaments as the schedule allows.

The classic season varies depending on the age group: U15-U18 Girls compete August to February, U15-U18 Boys compete November to May and U11-U14 Boys and Girls compete August to May.